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Got a strange obsession with out Universe and especially with Pulsars.
Need to practice backgrounds and/or starry skys for Doctor Who fanart. qwq
Had to draw Erwin in a cat costume for another ask-box thingy on my other blog!
The more nsfw-ish version is here, since I thought only this cute picture wouldn't be enough... :P

Dedicated to Dawktheprincipal! <3
Ask-box thingy number two: Cat costume!
This work has been made for my other blog, erwinthedanchou and is dedicated to dawktheprincipal! <3

I've been experimenting with colors in this one...
Not my best piece, but this has been a work for my other blog erwinthedanchou for an ask-box thingy and I thought I'd upload it here, too! uvu
I've definitely read too many Creepypasta the last weeks...
Trying out to background Doctor Who fanart... qwq Wow, harder than I thought!
My interpretation of the Survey Corpse 'Wings of Freedom'.
*whispers* It's transparent!
This one's the cover to my planned Doujinshi "Und ich glaubte an die Ewigkeit..." ('And I believed in Iternity...'). Very, very, VERY old since it's from my Naruto-phase. I think I finished like... 3 pages. But all in all it is a very nice picture.
The puppet symbolizes Sasori, by the way. It would have been a SasoDei story (which is also what it says on the book). 

The second picture is the chapter-cover. It shows one of Deidara's clay-birds and I still think it was a nice idea to draw it like this. I also still remember the story I had planned...

Aquarelle Flower.
I like to try out a lot.
Have some Demon in the style of black paper and white pencil!
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